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The exclusive club for high-powered entrepreneurs.

Calling all swashbucklers & pioneers

48 high-powered entrepreneurs required to join a passionate and inspiring Club. Our year-long adventure will change the way you think, act and behave; transforming your business and lifestyle.  And a contribution of your membership fee will go towards SCALE for Schoolsinspiring the next generation of business prodigies.

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  – Mark Twain

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Are you ready to be inspired, energised and liberated?

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Be part of it.

Forming the smartest neutral community, 48-ers will have IMMUNITY from: loneliness, fear of failure, confusion over cash flow, perplexity over people, disorderly days, crisis in confidence & falling out of love with their business.

The Inner Circle

You can’t be the expert on everything. Nor can you afford the payroll.  So tap into The Inner Circle’s boffins on: People, Finance, Scaling & Exit, Law & Business Head Doctors.

The Implementers

You’re not a Swiss army knife. Nor do you have endless resources. Get practical advice from our dexterous doers from design, copywriting & publicity to social & digital marketing.

48/48 Summit

48 powerful minds focused over 48 hrs: learning, challenging & collaborating. Mix with the Giants, Dragons & Sharks of Industry. Inspire the inspirational (after all, they live your dreams and fears just on a bigger scale!)

The 48 Fellowship

8 carefully selected peers will form 6 Fellowships meeting 6 times a year to openly discuss, debate, challenge & solve current issues and discover breakthroughs. Each 48-er is accountable in the hot seat for 60 mins. It’s honest. It’s uncomfortable. But holding up the mirror with your Fellowship will transform the way you think, act and behave.


48 Club’s unique initiation process guarantees you the perfect match with your very own Accountability Buddy.  We know one size doesn’t fit all, flexibility is key. A casual 15 minute weekly 1:1 call or a structured 1 hour monthly call, your Accountability Buddy will work alongside you giving you confidence and ensuring you walk your talk and get results.

Watering Holes

Wildlife water holes are an important habitat component. Thanks to the Mad Men Ad Agency era, who gathered socially in the 60’s to blow off steam and celebrate their latest win, this is now an essential habitat component for us humans. Hang out in as many Watering Holes as you wish. Webinars, podcasts, guest Hot Seats, Q&A sessions all on tap.

The Faculty

No need to Shhhh! this is not a library. Shout from the roof top. Publish blogs, listen to podcasts, seek peer reviews, use as a sounding board for that book that’s inside you. The Faculty is your online centre to learn, research, review, share, publish and comment.

Connect 48

We’re not about small talk, exchanging business cards, keeping score, telling the world what we’ve eaten for breakfast. With 48 like-minded game changers we’re about listening, sharing, spotting opportunities, helping, supporting and making memorable, lasting connections.

48 Concierge Club

“To be refreshed and ready for anything, you need to find time for play. You are far more likely to succeed if you are having fun, so play just as hard as you work.” - Richard Branson.  Use our 48 Concierge Club service for business or pleasure, allowing more precious free time for yourself!

Cobra 48 SOS Team

Very rarely, it can be difficult to recognise a problem before it becomes an emergency.  In many circumstances, a resolution can be sought with your Accountability Coach or Fellowship.  In critical business situations, 48-ers have access to an emergency help line.

SCALE for Schools

“The biggest benefit of Apollo was the inspiration it gave to a growing generation to get into science & aerospace.” - Buzz Aldrin.  A % of membership fees will go to SCALE for Schools; inspiring our next generation of business pioneers.



About our skipper ~ Martin Norbury:

  • Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, I don’t work Fridays
  • Britain’s Top 10 Business Adviser 2018 (Enterprise Nation, powered by Experian)
  • Top 25, Champion of Entrepreneurship 2017 (Smith & Williamson Power 100)
  • Runner-Up of Profile of the Year Award 2015, hosted by Daniel Priestley
  • Runner-Up in KP16 Book Cover Competition, judged by Daniel Priestley
  • Business Mentor of the Year 2015 (APCTC)
  • Britain’s Top 50 Business Adviser 2014 (Enterprise Nation)
  • Business Growth Advisor of the Year 2012 (Entrepreneurs Circle)
  • National Entrepreneur of the Month 2013 (Entrepreneurs Circle)
  • His clients have won Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 & 2014 (Entrepreneurs Circle)
  • Founder of Goals Club & Last Friday Club
  • Active member of various Mastermind Groups
  • Registered & approved GrowthAccelerator Coach
  • Mixologist (taught by Tom Cruise’s trainer in Cocktail)
  • Junior World Champion in Ballroom & Latin American

“Martin Norbury is the real deal. If you get the chance to spend time or work with Martin, then I’d urge you to grab it with both hands. He’s quite a guy…”

Nigel Botterill

UK Leading Entrepreneur and author of UK’s best-selling business book 2011

“Martin has a clarity which has allowed me to cut through the crap and focus on the big issues facing the exponential growth in my business.  I nicknamed him the Scalability Coach because that’s what he does – helps my business grow.  And we are talking from sub £1m to on its way to 8 figures turnover so that’s some growth!”

Kate Lester

Founder & CEO of Diamond Logistics and Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

“Martin is the only person I have come across who has the experience both at corporate and small business level.  He has the ability to drill down into any business and know exactly where the business stands today and what it needs to do to achieve growth targets going forward.”

Carole Aldred

Director, Red Rose Directories

“Martin doesn’t only have great ideas to help my business he has examples of how he has helped grow other businesses and I immediately feel a sense of trust and confidence in making my next business decision.”

Mark Rose

Managing Director, Boosh 365


Are you ready to be inspired, energised and liberated?

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We may process your personal information as set out in our Privacy Policy found on this website.

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